Who are we

About us

PT Members is run and built by a team of developers and personal trainers with one common goal. To provide digital solutions that solve a problem while staying user friendly and cost-effective.

Who, how and why

Born during the COVID-19 pandemic, members of our team quickly realised that they needed to take their personal training into the digital world. This was centred around the idea of a one-stop digital portal for their members to be able to access the content as and when was suitable for them.

Teaming up with clients that work in the digital sector we set out on a journey to create a bespoke platform design with our very own clients in mind and from that PT Members was born.

We know what functionality we as personal trainers need, we know from years of experience what our clients need and in knowing this information we feel we have created a unique platform with unlimited possibilities.

We are a small team with a big passion. If you have any questions about the products and services we offer please do contact us here.